I’ve been speaking in front of people for a long time, and I don’t just mean the dreaded group project presentation at University. I was fortunate enough to speak at the user conferences that StarRez put on for its customers while I was working there, and would venture over the US each year to do a few talks about some technology. Usually this was domain specific to the student housing industry but I also snuck in the odd bit of general purpose tech, like REST web services or designing event centric logic flows. Talking tech to a largely non-technical audience was a fun challenge and doing an open Q+A session for product enhancements in front of 600+ people was also interesting.

I also delivered the Day 2 Technical Keynote at the AACUHO conference in Hobart in May of 2017, doing a talk to housing industry professionals about the rise of the conversational UI and the various bot platforms that abound. This talk was very non-technical to suit the audience and was received well, with just the right balance between piquing interest around bot technology, and spreading just a small amount of fear as the potential of not being reactive to the change in this space.

As far as meetups and conferences go I have spoken, or will speak, at the following events: