A long time ago a friend started a project to create a train game in JavaScript, and a few of us got on board and created Trains: It was a wonderful time that I look back on fondly, and I always wished we’d done more with the game and fixed a few of the more glaring bugs.

A little while ago I decided to fork the project, remove some of the extra unnecessary technology like the Ruby server, and fix some bugs to end up with Trains2: Again there was more I wanted to do with it but something about the editing experience around TypeScript meant I never invested the time.

So what do you do when you abandon two side projects? Start a third! So I’m re-writing Trains completely from scratch in C#, using .NET Core and SkiaSharp, and to keep me honest and actually working on it, I’m live streaming it (most) every Wednesday night at 8:30pm Australian Eastern Time.

You can follow along on Twitch at and every stream is uploaded to YouTube afterwards in the Trains.NET playlist: