I’m not really good at this sort of thing. I guess I like Lego and C# and writing code and thinking about development. And my wife and kids. And dog. :dog:

I used to be “ch00k” on Twitter, and every other platform I can get in early enough to to claim the username on. Sometimes I had to add an underscore to my username just to get it. Its a cruel world that makes you replace O’s with 0’s and still requires the addition of an underscore. I started using the name back on a BBS in the late 90’s (what up 1647!) but I can’t remember why I picked it (though yes, originally it was just “chook”), and no it doesn’t mean anything.

I’ve decided its time to grow up now though, so its real name usernames, real photo avatars (mostly), and a real blog. Adulting is hard.

Also I’m Australian and I love Australia but GitHub doesn’t have the Australian flag emoji so you’ll have to take my word for it.

Wait, was I supposed to write that in 3rd person?